10 Inspirational War Movies to Watch

War movies are often filled with intense and suspenseful moments that can leave viewers on the edge of their seats. They can also be inspirational, showing how people can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles when they work together. In this blog post, we will list 10 inspirational war movies that you should watch. These films are sure to get your blood pumping and leave you inspired!

Saving Private Ryan [1998]

Steven Spielberg’s World War II epic Saving Private Ryan is widely considered to be one of the greatest war movies ever made. The film follows a group of U.S. soldiers who are tasked with finding and rescuing a private who is behind enemy lines. The film is filled with intense battle scenes, but also has moments of inspirational camaraderie between the soldiers.

Schindler’s List [1993]

In this Academy Award-winning film, Liam Neeson stars as Oskar Schindler, a German businessman in Poland who sees an opportunity to make money from the Nazi occupation. He begins employing Jews in his factory to keep them from being sent to concentration camps. As the war progresses, he risks his life and everything he has to save as many Jews as possible.

Dr. Strangelove [1964]

Dr. Strangelove is a black comedy about the Cold War, in which American forces attempt to stop the Soviet Union from launching a nuclear attack. The film stars Peter Sellers in three different roles, including that of the title character. Dr. Strangelove is a must-see for anyone interested in political satire or dark humor.

Hacksaw Ridge [2016]

The true story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), the conscientious objector who, at the Battle of Okinawa, became the first man in American history to win the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

Doss was drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II and refused to fire a weapon or carry one due to his religious beliefs. He was ridiculed and abused by his fellow soldiers, but he persevered and became a medic. He saved the lives of 75 men during the battle of Okinawa, despite being wounded himself.

Black Hawk Down [2001]

Based on the true story of the Battle of Mogadishu, “Black Hawk Down” is a harrowing tale of American soldiers who are dropped into the middle of a hostile city. They are quickly surrounded by enemy forces and must fight their way out through a series of intense firefights. The film highlights the courage and sacrifice of these soldiers as they fight against overwhelming odds.

Full Metal Jacket [1987]

A Vietnam War film that follows a group of Marine recruits from their brutal basic training to the horrors of the Tet Offensive.

The film shows the harsh realities of war and the toll it takes on soldiers. It is an inspirational story of how people can overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

The Great Escape [1963]

Based on a true story, The Great Escape is about a group of Allied prisoners who plan and execute a mass escape from a German POW camp during World War II.

American Sniper [2014]

Based on the true story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), American Sniper is a riveting tale ofKyle’s exploits as the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

The film is an inspirational story of one man’s courage and determination to serve his country, even in the face of great personal danger.

Thin Red Line [1998]

Based on the novel by James Jones, The Thin Red Line tells the story of the Battle of Mount Austen, which was part of the Guadalcanal Campaign in World War II.

The Longest Day [1962]

The Longest Day is a film that tells the story of D-Day from multiple perspectives. The film follows both the Allied and German soldiers as they prepare for and fight in the historic battle. The film is an inspirational look at how people from different sides can come together to achieve a common goal.

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