11 Best Cooking Movies to Inspire You in the Kitchen

One of the best things about movies is that they can transport you to another world. And what could be more transporting than a film set in a kitchen? Whether it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant or a humble home kitchen, there’s something about watching someone else cook that makes us want to get up and do it ourselves.

So if you’re looking for some cooking inspiration, why not check out one of these movies about cooking? From classic foodie films to more recent releases, there’s something for everyone.

Julie & Julia [2009]

Julie Powell (Amy Adams) vows to master every single recipe in Julia Child’s classic cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The true story of how Julia Child (Meryl Streep) overcame French cuisine with passion, bravery, and lots of butter.

Big Night [1996]

Two Italian immigrant brothers open their dream restaurant in New Jersey. But when it starts to fail, they must pull out all the stops for a big night that could make or break their business.

Chef [2014]

A chef (Jon Favreau) who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.

The Menu [2022]

The story follows a young married couple who visits an exclusive destination restaurant on a remote island, where the renowned chef has prepared a three-course tasting menu and some shocking twists.

Good Burger [1997]

In this Nickelodeon classic, a fast-food restaurant is turned upside down when a teenage burger flipper (Kenan Thompson) develops a secret sauce that could be the next big thing.

The Hundred-Foot Journey [2014]

A charming and warmhearted tale about the power of food to bring people together. When the Kadam family moves from India to France and opens a restaurant opposite a Michelin-starred one, they must contend with more than just culinary differences.

God of Cookery [1996]

A street vendor (Karen Morris) helps an egotistical chef (Stephen Chow) outsmart a mean rival.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi [2011]

A fascinating documentary about Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old sushi master and owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a Michelin three-star restaurant in Tokyo. If you’re looking for a film that will make you appreciate the simple things in life, this is it.

Tampopo [1985]

A widow (Nobuko Miyamoto) strives to keep her late husband’s ramen shop afloat and learns the secrets of making the perfect bowl of noodles along the way.

Eat Drink Man Woman [1994]

Ang Lee’s Oscar-nominated film follows a widowed Taiwanese chef (Sihung Lung) and his three daughters as they negotiate love, life, and food over the course of a weekend.

Ratatouille [2007]

A rat named Remy (Patton Oswalt) dreams of becoming a chef, but his plans are put in jeopardy when he’s separated from his family and ends up in the sewers of Paris. With the help of a kindly garbage boy (Lou Romano), Remy sets out to achieve his culinary dreams.

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