25 Adorably Cute Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Out of the entire baby shower blog series (Baby Shower Themes; Baby Shower Food Ideas; Baby Shower Checklist; Co-Ed Baby Shower Games), this one is probably my fav. Why? Because centerpieces are often overlooked, but oh baby, I think they are a must-have at any and every event. I can just imagine someone sitting down at their table, in awe of the centerpiece, like “oh, this is too cute.” Details. Details. Details. It’s all in the details. LOL. And let me let you in on a secret, shhhhhh, it’s a twofer. Yes, honey, a twofer. It’s a centerpiece that can double over as a prize and/or party favor. (Does that make it a three-fer 🧐)

So, let’s chat centerpieces. Are you thinking flowers? Balloons? What about bears? Candles? Yes, I know, the options are limitless. But ya know ya girl is going to give you some inspiration to get you started on the right foot, so let’s get into it.

25 Adorably Cute Baby Shower Centerpieces

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