Baby Shower Food Ideas

There are three things you absolutely MUST HAVE to throw the ultimate baby shower: (1) Cute Decor, (2) Fun Games, and (3) DELICIOUS FOOD. I’ve already covered decor and games in previous blog posts, so you should know what’s coming up next. Mmhmm, you guessed it: BABY SHOWER FOOD.

Soooo, what kind of food do you serve at a baby shower? Well, it depends. I’ve seen it all, from finger foods to full-course meals, honey. Talk about fancy. Lol. I have to admit, I think finger foods are more common. But, regardless of what option you choose, I recommend having a variety of dishes so nobody is left out. I mean I know some people who go to baby showers JUST FOR THE FOOD! (cough, cough, my boyfriend 🙄)

But enough rambling, here are 23 baby shower food ideas to get your shower started off the RIGHT WAY.

1. Assorted Meats

2. Assorted Vegetables

3. Salad Bar

4. Assorted Fruits (Ex. Fruit Tray or Fruit Skewer)

5. Dips (Ex. Spinach, Seafood, Cheese)

6. Tea Sandwiches

7. Deviled Eggs

8. Meatballs

9. Kebabs ( Ex. Chicken, Beef, Seafood)

10. Taco Bar

11. Potato Bar

12. Pizza Bar

13. Chicken & Waffles

14. Flatbread

15. Egg Rolls

16. Nachos

17. Quesadillas

18. Fajitas

19. BBQ

20. Wings (Bone-In & Boneless)

21. Sliders

22. Lasagna

23. Spaghetti (Chicken or Beef)

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