Nail Mail: Summer Edition Round 3

I’m so sad y’all. In my last nail blog post, I was so excited about providing y’all with nail mail every week and then… I dropped the ball. Let’s just say, I did wayyy wayyy too much partying, and my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to. It literally takes me days to recover. 

AND on top of that, guess what else happen?! I had so much fun partying (If you know you know 🥂🍹🍸) , I broke a nail. And by broke a nail, I mean ripped my whole freaking natural nail off too. So now, I have to wait until it grows back to get my nails done again. I HATE IT HERE. But you know a wise woman once said, ”beauty is pain.“ 

Soooo as I wait for my nail to grow back, i’ll be blogging about nails with a slight hint of jealousy lol. But, I promise to still bring yall the nail content you deserve.

Let’s get into it. 

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