Ryan Reynolds Romance Movies to Fall in Love With

If you’re in the mood for a romantic movie, Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor to watch. He’s starred in some of the most romantic movies of all time, and we’ve collected our favorites for you here. Whether you’re looking for a weepy love story or a funny rom-com, these movies are sure to make you fall in love. So grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh and cry your way through some unforgettable romance films!

The Proposal [2009]

In The Proposal, Ryan Reynolds plays a commitment-phobic man who hatches a fake engagement with his boss (played by Sandra Bullock) in order to avoid Bullock’s character being deported. The ruse works, but the two soon find themselves falling for each other for real. With time running out on their charade, they must decide whether their fake relationship is worth risking everything for. The Proposal is a heartwarming and hilarious romantic comedy that will have you cheering for the underdog couple all the way to the happy ending.

Van Wilder [2002]

In Van Wilder, Reynolds stars as the titular character, a college student who spends more time partying than studying. When he’s not busy organizing ragers or chasing girls, he’s helping out his fellow students with their love lives. But when he falls for a beautiful girl (Tara Reid) who is dating another man, Van Wilder must decide whether to continue playing the field or commit to one woman.

The Change-Up [2011]

In The Change-Up, Reynolds and Jason Bateman play two friends who have a drunken wish come true when they wake up in each other’s bodies. As the two men scramble to get their lives back on track, they realize that there might be some benefits to trading places. Trust me you this film will have you laughing out loud at the outrageous situations the two friends find themselves in.

Definitely, Maybe [2008]

In Definitely, Maybe, Reynolds stars as a man who is telling his young daughter the story of how he met her mother. As he recount’s the ups and downs of his past relationships, he must decide whether to tell his daughter the truth about her mother’s identity. Definitely, Maybe is a charming and romantic comedy that will leave you wanting more.

Just Friends [2005]

In Just Friends, Reynolds plays a man who is desperately in love with his best friend (played by Amy Smart). Unfortunately, she only sees him as a friend. When the two end up stranded in their hometown over the holidays, he must decide whether to tell her how he really feels or risk losing her forever.

Chaos Theory [2008]

Although not a fan favorite, this film still has its moments. In Chaos Theory, Reynolds stars as a man who is obsessed with creating the perfect schedule. When his wife (played by Emily Mortimer) asks him to plan her surprise birthday party, he goes to great lengths to make sure everything is just right. But when his perfectly planned evening starts to unravel, he must decide whether to stick to the schedule or go with the flow.

So there you have it, our list of Ryan Reynolds romance movies to fall in love with. What are some of your favorite Ryan Reynolds movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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ryan reynolds romance movies - Ryan Reynolds has been romancing his fans since he first started acting. Now, we're going to take a look at some of his most romantic films.

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