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Listen, it is HOT AS HELL in Houston. I deserve a pool day. You deserve a pool day. Everybody deserves a pool day.

We also deserve to look STUNNING at the pool too, don’t we? 

(Why yes, yes we do!) I mean think about it, it’s another perfectly legitimate reason to go shopping. And if you need some ideas, I got you covered. 

Same as always, click the image to go directly to the site!

*Suns OUT, Buns OUT. *

Warning: Some swimsuits may be sold out in your size which is why I created such a long list lol! Hopefully, you can find something in your size, but if not, here’s a few tips before completely giving up! 

TIP #1: Check AMIClubwear. I found a lot of the same swimsuits on there as I did on other sites. 

-TIP#2: Screenshot and search on Pinterest. 

If you don’t find what you want on AMIClubwear nor Pinterest, sign up for the restock notifications if you see something you really really want and your size is unavailable. And trust me, I understand your pain! When I was a size small, the size smalls would sell out. But now that I’m a size medium, guess what? I can’t find no freaking mediums. Chile, GHETTO. But that’s neither here, nor there! Get ready to open up your purse ladies. 





P.S. Don’t forget to purchase your bottoms!

Luxury Swimwear 

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