The Hottest Nail Designs for 2020

Listen, before you pull up Instagram at the nail shop, double back to this post. I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but again, I don’t know DIDDLY SQUAT about trends, but I do know what’s cute (I think lol). 

I was going to add some more filler information here, but chileeee, I don’t have nothing else to talk about. LMFAO.

So, without further ado, let’s get into these nails honey!

CC: @eliartistnails

CC: @eliartistnails

CC: @eliartistnails

CC: @eliartistnails

CC: @freshlilset

CC jhohannails

CC: jhohannails

CC: @dslaynails

CC: @bratzdollclvp

CC: @totalbeauty

CC: nailsyairisbby

CC: leluxxbeauty

CC: nailstory_ca

CC: @eliartistnails

CC: @iamroyal.ti

CC: @bouji_nails

CC: @nailsbyniko

CC: nailsbykayla_xo

CC: @ivynailss

CC: @gettipsy_naila

CC: @chaunlegend

CC: @evon_nails_spa


CC: joelyoceannails

CC: nailedbymele

CC: nailbaela

CC: @M. 

CC: chaunlegend



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